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Reverse Osmosis System

Get the clean water you need for drinking and cooking straight from your faucet.

It is the most convenient and effective method of water filtration. Our unit is a 4 or 5 stage water filtration system, which filters water by “squeezing” or passing water through a special membrane causing dissolved and particulate materials down the drain. These filters take out and separate chemicals and dissolved solids. The purified water is then stored in a pressurized holding tank ready for use.

Water for drinking and preparing foods should be safe and free from dangerous contaminants. Whether you get your water from a well or from the city, it probably contains impurities that could be responsible for long-term health issues. These impurities can produce foul taste and odors that can ruin the enjoyment of foods and drinks. Cloudy water is due to finely divided particles and a color in the water is from dissolved organic matter.

  • A Pre and Post Filter to remove silt, iron, chlorine or any other particulate material.
  • A membrane to eradicate raw water pollutants.
  • A pressure-responsive hydraulic on/off pressure switch to send pre-filtered water inside the membrane in order to create treated water for storage.
  • A small storage tank for treated water.
  • May include a polishing filter to polish stored water and to enhance its taste before consumption.

A reverse osmosis system will provide safe, healthy drinking water for the whole family, as well as for your pets.  Plants and flowers will be healthier with filtered water.  You will no longer need to purchase bottled water, which is expensive, inconvenient, and pollutes our environment.

Iron Filtration System

Lengthen the life of pipes and appliances by softening the water coming into your house.

  • Eliminates stains, discolored water and odors with the oxidative power of air
  • Guards pipes and plumbing fixtures against corrosive iron build-up
  • Extends the life of the filtration media and prevents bacteria growth inside the tank
  • Removes iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide gas, tannins and many unregulated water toxins.
  • Protects bathing, showering and cooking water against common toxins that can be absorbed though the skin or inhaled in moist air

Under Sink Systems

We have space-saving solutions for clean water that can be installed at any faucet in your home.

  • Improve the taste of your water
  • Eliminate the impurities of tap water
  • Some bottled water is simply filtered tap water

Well Digging

Get fresh, filtered water straight out of the ground with our state of the art well drilling services.

Well drilling is the process of drilling a hole in the ground for the extraction of a natural deposit, such as ground water for the purpose of irrigation, drinking, and bathing.  Well drilling in South Florida can be a bit more complex than it may first appear due to the proximity of many homes and properties to sea level.  The Water Doctor and Champion are experts at well drilling for residential properties that are not on city water or otherwise need a well.

Additional Products

Home Installations

Reverse osmosis, generally known as hyper-filtration, is definitely the finest filtering system known. This system enables the removing of particles miniscule as dissolved individual ions in a solution.

Enjoy the clean, refreshing taste of bottled water right at your kitchen sink. Drinking filtered water reduces unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine and contaminants.

If you hate waiting for water to heat up for your tea or instant coffee, then one of our instant hot water systems might interest you. Get instant hot water, any time you need it.

Cold water is a snap with an under-sink water chiller.  You’ll enjoy a steady supply of clean, cold water on demand.

Whole House Systems

Enjoy the clean, refreshing taste of bottled water right at your kitchen sink. Drinking filtered water reduces unpleasant tastes and odors caused by chlorine and contaminants.

This system connects to the main water line entering your home so that all of the water dispensers in your home–faucets, toilets, showers, baths, kitchen, laundry–dispense treated water. It is usually connected to the main water line. These systems will remove things like sediment, rust, and scale but not things like organic chemicals and industrial solvents.  The tank contains bacteriostatic carbon which removes organic and inorganic contaminants from groundwater, surface and processed water, and waste water.

The system is installed outside the home where the main water supply enters the house. The system configuration will differ depending on the water source. City water supplies often are pretreated with chlorine or other bacteria killing solutions and the filtration system will differ from a whole house well water system.

Sulfur occurs naturally in groundwater. Sulfur does not cause health problems but causes horrible odors like a “rotten egg” smell among other effects. It can also produce a white, grey, reddish brown, or black slime and can promote the growth of other bacteria. It can be worse in the summer because of higher ground water temperatures and changing water levels in a well.

The majority of whole house reverse osmosis units are designed to filter problematic well water containing one or more of the following contaminants: brackish water, arsenic, silica, nitrates, heavy metals, sulfates, chlorides, sodium, high total dissolved solids and more.

Commercial Systems

If you have low pressure in your house coming from either well or city water, you may want to consider a pressure pump to increase your household’s water pressure.  There are many applications for pressure pumps, such as residential, commercial, and irrigation.  Since most fresh water sources are at lower levels, a pressure pump is an effective way for you to sustain a fresh water supply.  The Water Doctor has a variety of pressure pumps available, so we will help you find the right one for your household’s water needs.

Although it is not harmful to your health, iron buildup can cause long-term issues with your plumbing and cause your pipes to become slick with grimy iron residue. There are two types of iron. The first type is soluble and is the most common among households. Red particles are evident in your drinking water. The other type of iron is insoluble. In this case, the particles blend fully with the water, creating a reddish or orange tint to the water, as if food coloring was added.

If you need to process over 12 or more gallons per minute, or if an incoming water line is 1.5″ in diameter or larger, you may need a commercial water treatment system. You may also need a commercial water purification system for some manufacturing processes and hospitals in order to remove some specific contaminants in order to provide high purity DI water.

A commercial water filtration system might consist of one or more media within mineral tanks with a mechanical valve or an electronic metered control. Units with electronic controls are self-backwashing. A second group may include a commercial reverse osmosis system capable of filtering from 500 up to 10,000 gallons per day.